The best Christmas movies on Netflix

Tablet with Christmas movie and warm knit sweater and cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows. Christmas lollipop, led lights string and other holiday decor

There’s nothing like a Christmas movie when it’s cold and dark outside. Netflix makes it easy to find a range of movies for every occasion, so here are the best Christmas movies on Netflix this year.

Deck The Halls

Deck the Halls is one of those classic Christmas movies and it’s great fun for the whole family. Two neighbours go to war in order to create the biggest Christmas display on the street. Enjoy laugh out loud fun, and performances from Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito.

Jack Frost

Most people have seen Jack Frost, but if you haven’t then it’s time to experience it! A dad is killed in a tragic accident but is reincarnated as a Snowman. This heart-warming family classic stars Michael Keaton and is one of the best Christmas movies around.

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger

Netflix always finds the best range of movies and the Nativity franchise adds fun to the day. Think British humour, and prepare for flashbacks of your own school nativity and you’ll get the idea of the second movie in this hilarious franchise.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Jame’s Brolin stars in this Christmas movie about an estranged father that visits his daughter for Christmas. Mena Suvari stars as the daughter, and the movie combines humour with some poignant stories about family.

The Princess Switch

This movie is definitely one for teenagers and stars Vanessa Hudgens. It’s a fantastic movie about an ordinary woman and a soon to be princess. Once the two discover they look alike, they plan to switch places and see how the other one lives. See how the switch affects their Christmas and what they learn along the way.