5 Things To Do For Sharm el Sheikh Holidays

Beach and Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh

If you are planning on spending the holidays in Egypt, look no further than Sharm El Sheikh. If you love nice beaches, resort atmosphere, and year long summer weather, Sharm el Sheikh Holidays are for you. Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea and Sharm El Sheikh is located right on the Red Sea. With plenty of amazing features, Egypt is one of the best Africa vacations you can take.

1.  Ras Muhammad National Park

Located right on the beach, Ras Muhammad National Park is a great place to explore the beautiful Egyptian country. Here, you can swim and dive right in the Red Sea.

2. Tiran Island

Located right off the coast, this island is an abandoned military base and contains some of the most beautiful coral reefs for diving. It’s just a short ferry ride from Sharm el Sheikh so it’s easily accessible for your vacation.

3. Mount Sinai

Just a short hour drive from Sharm el Sheikh, this legendary mountain has a place in the world’s three major religions. The mountain is located in the Sinai Peninsula and has many beautiful hiking trails.

4. Naama Bay

Naama Bay if the place to go if you love nightlife. It has plenty of great clubs, shopping centers and restaurants. Naama Bay is considered the hub of tourism in Sharm El Sheikh.

5. Nabq Protected Area

Nabq Protected Area is a protected wildlife and desert refuge just a short drive from Sharm El Sheikh. There are also many desert activities offered, like a desert dune buggy ride!

Sharm el Sheikh Holidays are some of the most fun and exciting holidays you and your family can have. With its architecture, beaches and lovely weather, Egypt is the perfect place to spend the holidays. Be sure to book yourself a luxury resort now, and explore the city of Sharm El Sheikh!