4 of the Best United Kingdom Destinations for Winter Breaks

4 of the Best United Kingdom Destinations for Winter Breaks

The United Kingdom is full of amazing destinations perfect for winter breaks. If you or your friends are looking for a fun place to spend Christmas, be sure to check out the popular destinations below. Each one of these cities lights up during Christmas time and this will allow you to make great memories over Xmas.


Nottingham is known as the central city in the Robin Hood legend. This city in central England is home to castles, museums, and art galleries. There is also the infamous ‘City of Caves’ which makes for great United Kingdom holidays.


Located on the south coast of Wales, Swansea is a perfect Christmas break destination. This city is full of exciting history and architecture. Being on the coast means you will get to enjoy some beautiful ocean views. There is a reason many people choose to travel here.


A small and quaint town on the coast of Scotland, Prestwick is the perfect vacation getaway. For those who don’t mind going to the Northern UK during winter this city is a great option. For those who love to golf, there are many great courses here.


A small village outside of Cambridge, this makes it the perfect getaway for nearby college students, or for those who love exotic small towns! In around 6th century AD the Anglo-Saxin natives built Devil’s Dyke which is an impressive feat that still stands today. There is also a rich history of vikings that once settled in this area.

Overall, the United Kingdom is a great place for a Christmas getaway. Many college students spend their winter breaks here for a reason. Be sure to include the above destinations for your Xmas break travel plans!