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How to become fashion forward

Fashion sometimes presents us seasonal trends that we feel obliged to follow. As great as it is to be on par with these trends, some of us at times feel the need to explore unique styles that make us stand out. Sometimes this path backfires on us which are why in this article I provide tips to be more fashion forward.

Be ready to invent. This is the first step in ensuring you follow your heart instead of trends. That outfit you have in mind but never wear could be the next trend in the industry. Take this as the motivation behind all trend setters, and embrace it by wearing it.

Get different designers. Famous designers most of the times are the trend setters in the industry, steering buyers to a specific style. To be off the beaten track, often buy from the less known design.

Get vintage products. There is not a better way to be unique than wearing vintage pieces. A good example of this style is pleated skirts. Sometime back, we did not see as many people wearing these as they had gone out of style. Today they have flooded the market just because someone was bold enough to rock it. To be quite unique, go for the very old pieces that you are really going to stand out in.

Own your look. Whatever outfit you choose to wear, vintage or not, as long as it’s your unique style, rock it in confidence and walk with your head held high.