Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here and your children will be bursting with excitement. Gone are the days where an old sheet draped over the head made the perfect ghost. Today, Halloween costumes are bigger, better and more time-consuming. If you’re looking for easy ideas, then here are some great costumes.

For the Kids

Biker Boy

Easy enough to make at the last minute and gives your son a cool outcast look. Simply take some jeans, combine them with a white t-shirt, jacket, and a bandana or hat. It’s easy to make and you probably won’t have to spend any money! Use some tattoo transfers to complete the look.


She’s one of the most iconic characters for little girls and your daughter will love dressing like Madeline. The best part is, the outfit’s so easy to put together. All you need is some mary jane shoes, a white collared shirt, blue dress and straw hat. You probably have most of these items at home, so raid your daughter’s wardrobe before you head out to the shops.

For Women

The Boxer

Most women go for sexy outfits, but why not do something different this year? Get your Million Dollar Baby on with a DIY boxer Halloween costume. All you need is shorts, a sports bra, and a robe. How easy is that?!

For Men

The Country Singer

Stay away from the pirates and choose to be different. Country singers are a great option and you can create the look easily. Combine jeans and a casual t-shirt with a cowboy hat and you’re almost there! A guitar around your neck sets off the look perfectly.