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Who is Badr Ghabi?

Who is Badr Ghabi

Have you heard of Badr Ghabi? He’s the new boyfriend of YouTube superstar Carli Bybel. She announced the relationship recently, so here’s what you need to know.

Social Media Queen

Carli Bybel is known for her makeup videos and was previously one half of an online power couple. Her ex-boyfriend Brett Cap regularly appeared in her videos and she was featured in lots of his fitness promotions. Fans loved their relationship and the couple dated on and off for years.

The star confirmed their break up in a video, stating things didn’t work out but she would always love Cap. While people have hoped they’ll reunite, many are speculating that Bybel is dating a new man called Badr Ghabi.

Badr Ghabi

Photos have emerged of the pair enjoying a vacation together in Morocco. Badr Ghabi is a part-time model and real estate agent from Canada. He’s also worked as a network analyst and isn’t very active on Social media. Ghabi usually posts property listings and modelling photos on his profile, but definitely doesn’t have a social media presence.

He studied real estate management at the Academy of Entrepreneurship and has a bachelors degree in Information Technology from the University of Quebec. The former footballer supported Morocco at the 2018 World Cup and was disappointed when the team lost against Spain.

Fans have asked how the two communicate as it seems Ghabi mostly speaks French. It’s unsure what the future will hold for the couple but Bybels followers are hoping he appears in one of her videos! Stay tuned for more updates on the new couple as their relationship progresses.