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Best apps for tracking stocks

Tracking stocks can sometimes be a difficult task for experienced as well as novice traders. The skill of investing and navigating markets is risky for all, which is why we seek the help of applications.

They feature a pretty easy to use interface that helps one to easily use the app on smart phones. They include:

Money Box

This app is similar to America’s Acorns in its operations. It works by linking the app to your credit or debit cards to allow automatic investing. It automatically invests any rounded up money or spare change from your purchases.


The application offers users detailed stock information and the best thing is that it’s free. You get detailed and current information on global finance news and changes to the stock markets.

HL Live

This app lets you make real time investments and keep tracking them conveniently by use of performance tables and interactive charts.

CS News

The app helps Apple users access to information and news from various sources to aid in investment decisions.


This app is similar to a networking platform where users are able to gather information regarding the stock market and other investment related details. Users can exchange information and tips on this app that will in turn help them in their stocks progress.