Best winter festivals in Europe

Europe enjoys vibrant, lively as well as historic winter festivals despite the cold weather and even rain sometimes. They feature activities like skiing, carnival parades, snowboarding, and comedy etc. The following are some of the best winter festivals in the continent.

Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival, Belgium

This festival which happens during the Christmas season includes ice sculptures specifically designed by artist for display to enchant visitors with a winter wonderland.

Altitude Comedy Festival, Austria

This festival brings together ski lovers with comedy lovers to the magical Tyrolean ski resort of Mayrhofen. Among other activities, there is skiing, snowboarding, late night parties, music and comedy.

Up Helly Aa, Scotland

This fire festival is one of the greatest in the continent. Taking place every last Tuesday of January, the festival celebrates Scotland’s Viking heritage. It is a procession of featuring torch lights as well as traditional music that culminates with the torches being thrown into a galley.

Snow Bike Festival, Switzerland

This festival takes place in Gstaad, and excites fans with breathtaking bike rides and races as well as parties.

Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam

This is a 53 day event that features light artists showcasing their magic through the city’s canals and throughout the city as well.