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How to Maintain A Healthy Beard

Numerous people believe that growing a beard comes naturally. While it’s true that facial hair grows naturally, you can do certain things to encourage a healthy and remarkable-looking beard. Like your hair, beards need maintenance: trimming, washing, and even brushing.
To maintain a good-looking beard, you’ll need to put in some work. Here’s a list of tips to maintain it in a great shape.

Wash it

Don’t use ordinary soap on your beard the same way you wouldn’t use ordinary soap on your hair. Both are hair and hair requires shampoo. Thankfully, there are excellent beard-specific shampoos that incorporate unique botanicals to soften the hair and prevent it from drying out.

Beard Oil

This type of oil is suitable for beards and works to balance the hydration naturally. Regular washing keeps dirt at bay but strips some of its natural oil. Consequently, the development of beard oil occurred as a leave-in conditioning product meant to balance the natural oils on your skin and in your beard.

High dietary protein

A diet high in protein encourages a healthy beard that grows fast. Bear in mind that healthy levels of testosterone are vital for beard growth. A diet high in saturated fats and protein aid high testosterone levels, so animal fat and eggs are great for your diet, but avoid sugars because they inhibit beard development.

Condition It

Maintaining a soft beard is vital to not wanting to shave it off. A dry, scratchy beard will be intolerable but you can avoid this by using a beard conditioner. A good conditioner will moisturize and keep it healthy. Another benefit of a conditioner is that it works similar to a styling gel, so you can keep the beard tame.

For the most part, growing a beard involves proper care, so if you desire a healthy beard, consider these tips.