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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter

Most of us know that the dry heat and cold wind of winter could cause dry skin, but hair is just as susceptible to damage from winter weather.

During summer, you probably moisturize your hair to decrease the damage from the sun and heat; but your hair requires special care as well during winter. This guide will help you maintain healthy hair throughout winter.

Decrease the frequency of washing your hair every week

While shampoo removes dirt, it equally removes moisturizers and natural oil on the scalp. On the days you aren’t washing it, rinse the hair with warm or cold water. Alternatively, you could use a dry shampoo in order to absorb some of the oils.

Use an oil-based moisturizer

Dry air isn’t good for any kind of hair. The only means of combating it is through additional moisture. Natural, wavy, curly, and relaxed hair is sensitive to winter weather when it’s susceptible to breakage, brittle texture, and split ends. Consider using an oil-based moisturizer that works to evaporate more slowly to guard textured hair.

Warm Oil

Warm oil helps moisturize the hair and scalp. Numerous hot-oil products exist on the market but you could use olive oil. You should warm it a little and massage into the hair and scalp. Don’t worry if you don’t remove all the oil from your scalp; it will continue moisturizing and conditioning your scalp and hair.

During winter, cold exterior weather merged with dry heat indoors could wreak havoc on your hair strands, resulting in breakage and split ends. To maintain healthy hair throughout the year, implement these tricks during winter.