Top Three Cult Films You MUST See!

From the beginning of Film production, no topic was left untouched. Topics such as controversial productions to horror and even romance, movies and films have always had a special place in the viewer’s heart. But some are looking for more. More Thrills, unexpected twists, and a passion for all things spine-chilling. If this is your type of film, keep reading because here are the top three cult films you need to see.

Starting at number is a classic from the 1970s, sure to put a chill in your bones while watching this. This cult classic is ”The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, a classic movie from 1975 mixing culture, creepy, and comedy all in one movie. When a young couple, Brad and Janet, get stranded on a rainy night, they seek shelter at what seems to be a mansion-but they were surely wrong. Instead, they walked straight into a party hosted by the one and only Doctor Frank N. Furter. Mixing the classic cult scene with comedy and culture, Director Jim Sharman truly breathes life to the plot.

Next up in the list is another classic film, one dating back in the 1980s. With a combination of aliens, comedy, and a flare of fantasy, ”They Live”, is a classic film from 1988 by John Carpenter captured the audience in its enticing and not totally false storyline. When a young homeless drifter discovers the pair of sunglasses, he reveals the some of the true origins of the wealthy class- Aliens. And while Aliens may- or may not- reside within our wealthy class, it is a fun film to enjoy a laugh with the phenomenal script writing and story elements.

Last, but certainly not least on our path through Cult movies is another classic that almost anyone in retail could relate to. ”Clerks” is a classic cult film from 1994, showing the comedian and dramatic side of retail cashiers. Dante Hicks, a cashier called on his day off, is forced to attempt to run the Quick Stop market in the midst of his own girlfriend dramas as well as the shenanigans of his friends. Yet despite these distractions and Dante’s own distinctive disdain to customer service, he still attempts to be kind to the customers- when he isn’t criticizing their lives. Truly, this movie is for those looking for a good and relatable laugh about the struggles of retail work.

Whether or not movies are your cup of tea or not, these cult classics are ones for the ages, with comedy, culture, and some creeps as well. So grab some popcorn and a couple good friends and nestle in for some laughs and a good time with these Top Cult Films.