3 Ways to liven up your Halloween party

A Halloween party is more than just spookiness and the background chant of Michael Jackson songs. If you are thinking to throw your first ever Halloween party but don’t just want to go for the general idea of ghouls and goblins and witches, this guide will hopefully serve you well. All you need to do is tap into that creative part of your mind and dig out some of the best ideas or just take the generic ideas and paint them with your idea of perfection.

Don’t depend on flukes, Plan for the perfect weekend

There is no execution without planning. Understandable, many people hate planning, it’s all words and anticipation and no action. But what you need to understand is that when the time comes for action, you will have a defined path to walk on and a backup if that fails and a backup for a backup.

First off, start with picking a weekend. That way, most of the people you are planning to invite will be present to make the party awesome.

What type of party it is and what time it’ll start? Is it for kids or for adults? If it is for the kids, the best time would be just after lunch. If it is for adults then you can start the party just after the sun sets, adding the natural spookiness in your already awesome party.

Stick to the theme

It doesn’t matter what theme you choose for the party as long as the execution is on point. Everything from the décor to the eating area should feel like a part of the single idea. For example, if it is the ghosts and witches attending your party, there should be spiders & webs on walls, black bats hanging in the air, a cauldron full of cocktail potion, some spider cookies and Meringue ghosts on the table.

BONUS PARTY THEME: The Embarrassing Halloween

It’s time to go unconventional. Rather than focusing too much on the theme, this party will focus on the embarrassing stories of the past Halloween parties.

People will come dressing in the costume they wore in their most embarrassing memory of Halloween party. It will not focus on décor or looks rather on events, so this will be a fun party where all you have to worry about is all the people attending the party, gathering eatables, and enough booze to make people comfortable while sharing their embarrassing stories associated with the costume they’re donning.