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Apple iOS 12 Release: Should You Upgrade?

There is excellent news to all Apple users who have been seeking upgrades, as there now is, available, Apple iOS 12 which was released a while back. The latest update is better than iOS 11 on factors like performance, photo taking, Siri, and messaging among others. The following are elements about this operating system that should make you consider upgrading.

Performance- The iOS 12 runs faster and more responsively on devices than the iOS 11 and other operating systems. This is because the processor ramps up when in use and down when not to preserve battery life.

FaceTime, the new introduction can allow up to 32 users to chat at the same time.  The operating system also has introduced a way of monitoring how much time you are spending on the phone daily or weekly. Another catch about this operating system is the camera and keyboard. The camera is launched about 70 % faster while the keyboard does so about 50 percent faster as well as a high level of typing responsiveness.

The best thing about the iOS 12 is that it can be installed in devices as old as 2013 models like the iPhone 5s. To upgrade you go to settings>general>software upgrade. The operating system iOS should be available here if it is compatible with your phone.