What is Multi Car Insurance?

What is Multi Car Insurance

Multi-car insurance policies let you cover up to five cars at a time. It’s ideal for keeping track of car insurance and many providers will provide a discount if you insure multiple vehicles with them. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Advantages of Multi-Car Insurance

It’s easy to keep track of the vehicles in your household with multi-car insurance. You’ll get the same paperwork, and won’t have to file away multiple policies. The renewal dates are all the same, meaning you won’t miss insuring a car.

Some companies give discounts for each additional car added to the policy. There are some that allow cars to be registered at different addresses, which is perfect if your child is studying away from home.

You can choose different insurance terms and excess amounts for each vehicle. This is only if all the cars are insured at the same address.

Things to Consider

The cost of your policy depends on the experience of each driver. A new driver’s quote will be considerably higher than an experienced or older driver. If a driver on the policy is in an accident or commits an offense, the prices will automatically increase. However, each car is considered separate from the other, so NCD’s (no claims discounts) won’t be affected by an accident involving another car on the policy.

Which Company?

There are loads of companies around, so it’s best to do some research. Don’t buy until you know all the necessary details, as you could end up spending more than you want. Use comparison sites to get the best quotes or speak to your current provider to see which discounts they can offer you.