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Free alternatives to Photoshop

Photoshop is software that allows one to edit images to suit different intentions one has. As good as it is, Photoshop has become very popular and mainstream nowadays, which by human nature has led to everyone looking out for other similar software. While many come with a monthly or annual subscription, there are others that do an outstanding job for free. Among many free alternatives to Photoshop, the following are some which I find best on the grounds of performance.

Pixlr. This is a photo editor that comes with hundreds of effects, borders, and overlays. With quite a friendly user interface, the app is available for free use on platforms like iOS, Android as well as web applications.

GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program, similar to Photoshop, offers a wide variety of tools, an easy to use interfaces and is free to use. This popular application is available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Paint.net. is an application that runs on Windows is one of the easiest to use, features impressive editing tools as well as great special effects that will allow you to recreate photos.

Other applications to try out include Google Photos which runs on Android, iOS and online platforms, Photoscape( runs on Windows and Mac OS), and XnView which runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS among others.