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Video conference: fad or future of business communications?

Video conference fad or future of business communications
In the last few years, video conference has grown massively popular… but is this a worthwhile tool?

Video conferences have quickly become a standard for modern business communication, and video calls are the future of remote communication. You have many solutions available on the market, ranging from free online applications to paid software, covering much ground from personal conferencing to solutions tailored to suit businesses of every size. Regardless, many decision makers are still failing to embrace this tool – simply because humans are creatures of habits. It’s time to shake off the dust of our perception and get up to speed with the best practices.

Have you already embraced video enabled conference calls in your business practice? If not, you may be wasting time, energy and lagging behind your competition. This technology is now so widespread and so seamlessly integrated in our communication tools that we sometimes fail to realize its usefulness. Sure enough, there are times when a simple written message will do the trick. But when it’s time to really organize crucial matters and check on the progress of a project, you need to get the relevant people face to face.

Up until a couple of decades ago, having a conference involved physically getting the people in the same room. Nowadays with video-enabled conferences calls getting a team in synch and orchestrating meetings can be done in real time through the Internet. They are a vastly powerful tool with a huge potential for saving time and money, so anyone who still thinks of video calls as a fad should really catch up to the spirit of the modern times.

If you haven’t yet got into the habit of using video conference to organize work duties across different teams, you need to look into it now!