How to maintain your dentures

Maintaining of dentures is an essential part of oral health care for those who wear them. They can be made of plastic, porcelain or metal. If missing some of your permanent teeth, partial dentures come in handy and complete dentures for those who don’t have all of their natural teeth. Either way, they all need a good maintenance regime.

First, you will have to take them off. Put in mind that they could easily break if you dropped them. While cleaning them, do it over a folded towel or a bowl of water. In many households, bleach is commonly used as a cleaning agent amongst others which are considered harsh. Don’t be tempted to use them on your dentures. Bleach can change the color of your dentures making them look unnatural. Toothpaste is also abrasive; it could corrode parts of the surface creating minute spaces where food could get lodged together with bacteria. This could cause infection or irritation in your gum. A soft brush is best for brushing as compared to one with hard bristles. After each meal, rinse them thoroughly. Consult with your dentist on what cleaning agent is best for cleaning.

During the night, you should take off your dentures to at least let your gum relax. Correct storage of these dentures after removal is essential. Leaving them in water overnight keeps them moist. When dentures lose water, they become deformed. Going back to their original shape after becoming deformed is quite impossible. Similarly, your dentist could advise you on any other solutions available to store dentures in other than water.

Finally, checking in with the dentist yearly is recommended for an examination of your gum tissue. One should also visit the dentist if your dentures don’t fit properly anymore.  Don’t forget to eat healthy as well, fruits and vegetables are good for your oral health, vitamin C found in fruits is a key to having healthy gums.