Five best places to hold a wedding reception in the UK

A wedding reception holds its place as the venue of the culmination of a love celebration, where newlyweds share space with those they value most before embarking on their journey in marriage. As such, this space is highly scrutinized by the lovebirds before the big day as it has to enable them to carry memories to last a generation. Things to consider when choosing a wedding reception is unique to each couple, but some of the most famous factors include price, space, and accessibility among others. Should these stand out as your main concerns, I have come up with a list of the best wedding reception places in the country, and I share them below for your perusal.

Hedsor House

This venue in Buckinghamshire, a few minutes walk from London, is arguably in the list of best worldwide. Known to and used by many, including celebrities like George and Amal Clooney and Nicole Kidman, it has as well been voted Vogue’s Dream Wedding Venue. Charges for this venue’s exclusive use average £3250.

Heaton House Farm

This former dairy farm offers the best of country weddings and is run explicitly by its owners in Cheshire.

RSA House

Located in London, this venue is loved for its exquisite interiors, comprising of fantastic architecture and art. Book this if you want the best for up to even 150 guests.


For a feel of elegance and class, this is the venue for you. Perfect for British city weddings, it is also a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace.

The Mansion

A three-minute drive from Leeds City, this venue is an 18th Century home that is listed Grade II. Having your wedding reception here is going to leave you with excellent memories along the park side views and the place’s history as well.