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What You Need in Your First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is mandatory for every home. Having the appropriate supplies beforehand will help you deal with emergencies at a moment’s notice. Make sure you keep one at home and one in your car. You should lock and keep the kit in a cool, dry place out of children’s reach. Here’s what you need in a first aid kit.


This is beneficial for cutting adhesive tape, gauze pads, or clothing. Ensure you invest in a good pair of medical scissors. Beware that pointed sewing scissors could be hard to manage in an urgent circumstance and could result in further injury.

Adhesive Tape

This item comes in handy for numerous first aid needs, for instance, for making splints and securing gauze pads.

Latex Gloves

These gloves keep both parties-the injured and anybody giving first aid safe from disease, bacteria, and other dangerous conditions. They’re also beneficial in situations that require you to clean up bodily fluids or change especially messy diapers. Once you’re done, you can seal the diaper in the gloves and discard it.


These items handle all kinds of minor injuries. Consider buying a box with various shapes and sizes to cover your bases. These days, they come with additional antibacterial protection. Remember, band-aid is a brand name, so you can choose from numerous brands.

First aid kits manage injuries on the spot, so it’s imperative you keep a stocked one in your home or car. However, if the injury is more than a simple prick or cut, it’s important you seek medical help.