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What You Should Know When Buying a Cheap USB Flash Drive?

What You Should Know When Buying a Cheap USB Flash Drive

If you’re searching for a USB flash drive, then you should know your options and consider which is best for you. Here are some tips for finding cheap USB flash drives.

Bigger is Better

Flash drives come in a variety of sizes, so it’s always best to get the most for your money. Choose the largest size available for your money so you can get long-term usage. Higher capacities cost more, but a 16GB flash drive cost’s less than two 8GB’s so think about the future.

Look for Longevity

Go for sturdy models to ensure they last longer. Yes, you can buy a very cheap drive but you risk it falling apart. There are plenty of reasonably priced USB flash drives built to last longer. Anodized aluminium is the most popular casing material.

The Cheapest USB Flash Drives

In order to get the most out of your flash drive, you need to purchase one from a company you can trust. Here are some that offer great models at low prices.


Sandisk is one of the most popular flash drive companies in the UK. They have a great reputation and their USB’s are reasonably priced. A 16GB model will cost you £4.99 and the sizes go up to 128GB which costs £24.99.


With a 32GB flash drive for just £4.49 Kingston have some great deals. Obviously, the price depends on the product, but overall you can get a lot for your money. The 128GB drive costs £23.99 and offers you loads of space.


One of the biggest mobile phone providers in the world also makes cheap USB flash drives. You know if a product carries the Samsung name then it’s of a high quality, so how does the price compare to others? A 64GB USB costs £17.99, which is very reasonable.