The Top Arctic Cruises

The Top Arctic Cruises

The Arctic is an amazing place with beautiful views and stunning nature. There are loads of great cruises to choose from, so we’ve selected some of the best.

Svalbard and Greenland 

If you’re not familiar with Svalbard, it’s just north of Oslo. Start your journey in Longyearbyen before you hop on board a small expedition ship. From there you’ll travel the exciting waters and see the wildlife. You’ll also get a lesson about whaling and what it involved.

Over twelve days you’ll travel through the waters, stopping in different places and learning about their history. Blomster Bugt is home to some of the most incredible landscapes which you’ll get to see. The cruise includes trips to see the houses whalers lived in and some of the massive icebergs.

It’s an amazing trip with so much wildlife and history on offer. Prices start at £4680 for a 4 person shared porthole. There are loads of companies that offer this tour, so search online for an operator near you.


Canada’s High Arctic has an abundance of wildlife, mountains and glaciers for you to explore. You’ll get a taste of sailing where the early explorers ventured and enjoy the birds of Prince Leopold Island. The trip depends on weather conditions, but there are loads of small islands to visit and learn about the history surrounding the Canadian Arctic. Polar bears and seals are common in the area, and the trip includes a special Captain’s dinner. Chimu Adventures offer this tour for around £5330 per person.


Russia may not come to mind when thinking about the Arctic, but the country is home to some of the most incredible scenery you could ask for. Climb on board for a 13-day trip starting in Spitsbergen, then cruise the Barents Sea. You might see polar bears and even whales as you learn about Franz Josef. The nature is beautiful and people travel from all over to visit it. You can find this trip at Wildfoot excursions and prices start at £7,595 per person.