The Best Areas to Rent Serviced Offices in the City of London

The Best Areas to Rent Serviced Offices in the City of London

Setting up your own business can be a scary process but it can be done. With so much to think about, people often forget one of the most important things – where are you going to work? Working from home is beneficial for some people, but many find they get distracted easily. Your local coffee shop is great, but can you handle the everyday conversations and background noise? Small businesses and startups can rent serviced offices in the City of London.

What are Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices are available for one person, small businesses, and large companies. They differ from private offices as you don’t have to worry about hiring cleaners or restocking the bathrooms etc. Usually serviced offices in the City of London offer desk space, a mailing address, meeting rooms and a receptionist. For a small office or co-working desks, you can expect to pay £300 a month. However, you’ll find more expensive areas are very pricey. Here are some great areas for serviced offices.

Low-Cost Areas

If you’ve started a new business then the last thing you want is to fork out thousands each month for office space. Brixton has serviced offices that cost around £233 for a desk. Chiswick, Islington, Wandsworth, Putney, and Clapham are available for under £400 per month.

We know some of you want to live and work in London’s most popular areas, but you’ll pay more. Here are some of the city’s best places with reasonable rates per desk.

  • Camden – £442
  • Kings Cross – £445
  • Battersea – £450
  • Shoreditch – £521

Highest Priced Serviced Offices

If you like a bit of luxury, then you’ll naturally gravitate to areas like Notting Hill, Chelsea, and Kensington. They are great places to work and live, but you’ll need some cash. Here are the average prices:

  • Kensington – £648
  • Chelsea – £652
  • Notting Hill – £654

There’s no doubt that serviced offices in the City of London offer more than private offices do and you can find some quirky spaces. Choose a location that suits your budget and get ready to enjoy city life.