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The best and safest ways to transfer money

When you are looking to transfer money to your loved ones or colleagues, the most critical factor to consider is security. When you establish, you can then gauge your options to know the rates and charges. That put forward; the following are some of the safest ways a mediums you can trust when you want to send or receive money between countries.

Western Union

This medium is one of the best ways to exchange internationally. Despite taking some time to complete a transaction (delivery) entirely, it is reliable, secure, flexible, small exchange rate mark up and low fees as well.


If you have your credit card linked to your PayPal account or just your bank account, you are on course to carry out a transaction without a hitch. The only catch is that your recipient must as well have a PayPal account and a means to withdraw. PayPal, otherwise, is a quick and secure medium to undertake international transactions.


TranferWise usually takes a few days to complete money transfer, and the best thing is that it includes no markups. It is also easy to use on mobile phones as well as online.


This platform is one of the most common methods, safe and reliable and not very expensive to send large amounts of money. The only setback when using this method is the time it takes to complete/mature and high markup rates.