Budget airlines as an alternative to Ryanair

When planning travel, either for work, holiday, or other personal errands, the first thing that comes to mind is buying tickets from a reputable airline. Such is the case which led to the rise to fame of the Ryanair airline, which promised and delivered terrific discounts on tickets to various destinations. Over the course of a few years, however, there have been numerous complaints about the airline regarding their service delivery, with these leading to travelers looking for alternatives to Ryanair. The following are some of the airlines you could turn to for a pleasant experience traveling.


After its founding in 2003, this airline serves around 44 countries, most of them across Europe. It had Wizz Air UK-founded in October 2007. Following approval by the CAA, this UK unit operates to and from London in a bid to retain the United Kingdom market. This airline’s tickets cost as low as £39.

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Founded in 1993, they have services delivered in the UK by Norwegian Air UK Ltd. The airline’s operating base is London- Gatwick. They serve by Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 787-800. Their tickets cost as low as £50.


With its headquarters in London Luton Airport, it operates over 820 routes domestically and internationally. Their tickets range between £20 -£420.