A Guide to Alcohol Rehab Facilities in London

A Guide to Alcohol Rehab Facilities in London

Alcoholism is one of the most severe addictions and it’s often related to mental health issues. Many alcoholics drink to ease feelings of depression and anxiety, often not realising they have a problem. If you’ve recognised you have a problem, then congratulations. Accepting you need help is often the hardest part, but what’s next?

Some people choose to join support groups, go cold-turkey, or seek help from friends and family. However, an alcohol rehab facility is more likely to help you to remain sober in the long term. So, what should you look for in a alcohol rehab facility in London?

What Should a Rehab Facility Offer?

The NHS will often offer outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction, but residential treatment is the better choice. A good rehab facility will take you away from environmental influences and give you the chance to recover before you face temptations.

Healthy food is important for your recovery, and private rehab centres should have good catering options. A range of therapies both solo and group should be available. It’s essential you receive therapy to work through the emotional factors that caused the alcohol addiction.

Private residential rehabilitation can be expensive, and the NHS often have strict criteria for funding. Outpatient treatment can be beneficial, with many centres offering daytime treatments with you returning to your home at night. Outpatient clinics should still offer counselling sessions, group talks and encouragement, and support.

Private Alcohol Rehab in London

If you’re willing to pay for residential treatment, then choose a centre you feel comfortable in. Most alcohol rehabs in London are in quiet areas and some even provide a jacuzzi and spa treatments. You have the right to check the credentials of the staff that will be treating you, and ask which medication will be offered.

Detoxification is a scary process, but in the right rehabilitation centre you’ll be supported through your journey and encouraged to remain sober. There are so many centres to choose from and your GP, Mind Centre, or an alcoholics helpline will be able to signpost you to access the right treatment.