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What are the best houseplants?

Houseplants have been proven to carry unique benefits to humans. Since Romans and Greeks introduced this whole concept, the following benefits have led to the encouragement to have more of them indoors. These advantages include breathing assistance, protection against illness, air purification, boosting healing, and other related benefits. The following are some of the best houseplants you can get to benefit positively from them.

Calathea White Star

It is the best plant for those who love patterns. It features white leaves with green veins with dustings of pink. This houseplant thrives when watered regularly and high humidity. It grows to a length of 50cm and is suitable for corners in your house or even the bathroom.


Also known as the snake plant, it grows as long as 30cm thereby offering beautiful indoor greenery. It will significantly benefit you in air purification. To be able to thrive, this plant needs regular watering and some sunshine.

Amazon Sword

This plant, which grows as long as 25cm, is also known as Echinoderms Blether. It varies from light green to deep green on its sturdy leaves. It will thrive in lowly lit places, under room temperature water with the lid off at times for enough carbon dioxide. Ideally, you should put some pebbles in the aquarium to hold it down, as well as a regular supply of fertilizer.