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What Are The Samsung Note 9 Features?

Samsung Note 9 mobile phone with yellow stylus pen

One of Samsung’s latest releases is the Note 9. What can we expect from it though? Find out what the the Samsung Note 9 specs and features are:

The Samsung Note 9 Specs and Features

The Samsung Note 9 comes with some impressive key components like a 6.4″ Display, 128 GB Storage, a 12 mega pixel camera and 6 GB Ram. For extra security it has an iris scanner and a fingerprint sensor. It offers a quick charging feature and of course comes with the latest Android System. Like other Samsung mobiles it is water resistant.

Improved Camera in the Samsung Note 9

While the Note 9 is essentially an upgraded version of its Note 8 predecessor, the camera shows some new and impressive features. It will detect flaws in images you’ve snapped and there are loads of new effects and emojis on offer. It also allows you to record videos in slow motion.

Better Speed, Cooling System and Battery

The Samsung Note 9 runs 33% faster than the Note 8, so Samsung has made huge improvements on speed. It also stays cool during heavy usage so you don’t have to worry about the phone overheating which is a big issue with smartphones and tablets.

Battery life can be an issue for mobile users. The Note 9 has the most powerful battery Samsung has ever released and moderate usage will make your battery last for the whole day, which is a lot better than other models. You can connect the Note 9 via HDMI or USB meaning it’s perfect for business use and you can still answer calls or play games while your phone is connected to a big screen.

Samsung Note 9 Review

The Samsung Note 9 has some amazing upgrades which make it very attractive. The inbuilt support along with the new S-Pen make it a great production tool. People who want a functional device that offers a supreme level of professional features will love the Samsung Note 9.