The Five Best Rolling Stones Songs

The Rolling Stones aren’t just one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, but perhaps the oldest too. The group has cycled through a number of members throughout the years with Mick Jagger being the frontman and Keith Richards the guitarist-both have been anchoring the group through their several tours and albums. Here’s a list of their top songs.

Paint it Black

Even before grunge and goth, the group perfected the art of black-hearted depression in a musical form with this song. One of their greatest singles, the moody lyricism helps divert the fact that it’s fundamentally an ideal pop song built upon numerous continuously catchy melodies.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

The group built one of their biggest epics upon an obvious statement. However, they integrated horn reveries and heavenly choirs, making it an earth-shattering realization. The vocals are also beautiful and poignant.

Gimme Shelter

The song has a perfect mood and crafted from other genres loose ends. They never released it as a single. However, it has featured in numerous soundtracks over the decades besides playing on the radio numerous times. The song has become one of their best and its selling point might probably be the backing by Merry Clayton.

Wild Horses

The group stopped by Muscle Shoals Studio in Alabama during downtime from their American tour in 1969. At the time, they lacked a recording permit for America. Therefore, the sessions were a hush-hush affair.

In three days, they banged out three songs one of which was Wild Horses. They had to sit on this song for nearly two years due to a legal battle with their previous manager-Allen Klein.

Rocks Off

The track is considered one of the group’s masterpieces. It sounds electric and alive like one of the live shows. The swelling choruses, horns, and ripping guitar that emerge halfway help the track’s buildup.

If you’re looking for this group’s best songs, you can check out this list.