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Best hair care products for men

The distinction between good and bad hair isn’t what you are born with. Rather, it’s how you style it. It comes down to whether you’re using the best products for men and whether you’ve sorted through the varieties (fiber, cream, wax etc) and found the suitable one.

Remember, men’s hair products could break or make your look, so it’s imperative to identify the product that suits your style. Here’s a guide for some of the best products.

For Thinning Hair

V05 Thickening Gel Foam

Making your hair appear fuller is much easier than you think. This product will help create volume without you looking like you have anything in your hair. If you wish to conceal the fact that your hair appears thinner, obtain a hairdryer and dry this product in.

The gel foam is excellent for all cuts and easy to wash out. Moreover, it offers lift and volume. You can obtain it at £4.39.

For Curly Hair

V05 Fluff Tamer

There are products that help define curls while taming any frizz. While numerous products exist on the market, locating a product that doesn’t leave the hair feeling gunky or the coils feel crispy, has been difficult until now. The fluff tamer is easy to wash out and the versatile product works on various hair lengths. Moreover, it offers non-greasy and natural control. You can obtain it at £4.39.

Gels and Pomades

Kiehl’s Styling Gel

If you desire a high shine, consider gels and pomades for a swept-back look, perhaps for a black tie occasion. High shine doesn’t necessarily mean considerable hold but they’re frequently linked. Pomades are usually light, so you can re-comb and it will remain quite slick. A gel can at times form in a hard shape. The non-shiny gel comprises essential oils for hair nourishment. You can obtain it for £20.

From gel and wax, numerous styling products exist on the market, all of which produce different results. However, it’s important you choose the one that suits your hair best.