The Best Recipes For Summer

The Best Recipes For Summer

Summer is here and we’ve got some fantastic recipes for you. Get the friends and family together and enjoy the sunshine with these summer recipes.

Sandwiches Sure To Please

Grilled Chicken and Kale Sandwiches

This sandwich is perfect as a healthy meal choice and it tastes great. Serve it at at picnics or even a wedding reception as a yummy yet healthy summer food option.

Parma Ham Baguettes

If you’re looking for an easy to prepare lunch for friends then the parma ham baguette is a perfect choice. The fresh parma ham combined with basil mayonnaise won’t disappoint.

Quick and Easy Summer Recipes

Roasted Baby Tomato Grilled Chicken

Whether you’re buying from a shop or growing your own, tomatoes are perfect for any summer food. Pair with grilled chicken for a satisfying, healthy meal.

Spicy Italian Mussels and Frites

Mussels combined with fries? Yes, it sounds weird, but it’s a crowd pleaser and ideal for a party. Wow your guests with this exotic summer recipe.

Sweet Potato, Avocado and Black Bean Tacos

A healthy vegetarian choice you can easily prepare and serve to your family. It’s fresh, tasty and great for dinner.

Summer Desserts

Frozen Chocolate and Hazelnut Cheesecake

Think Nutella, chocolate, and bourbon biscuits, all combined together to make a refreshing dessert. This is one to indulge in for special occasions due to the significant amount of calories. Hey, you deserve a treat, right?

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you’ve got kids, then these are perfect for a summer picnic. Rich ice cream, strawberries and shortcake make a sweet and tasty treat for the family.

Summer Berry Pavlova

Nothing says summer like Pavlova. It’s great for putting your stamp on a dessert and allows you to be creative. Try this mixed berries recipe to add a kick to one of the most classic desserts of all time.