The 5 Best Part Time MBA Courses

The 5 Best Part Time MBA Courses

Studying for an MBA can open up loads of doors for you, and help progress your career. The best part is, you can work and study part-time. There are loads of courses to choose from, including classroom-based and online learning. Here are some of the best part-time MBA programmes.

Anglia Ruskin University

This online course enables students with a background in business or previous qualifications to gain an MBA. The duration is 6-15 months depending on your pace and other commitments. There are webinars and a student forum where you can interact with fellow students to study and swap tips. Visit the website to find the fee list.

Imperial College London

This part-time course takes around 23 months to complete and qualifies you to an executive level. To be eligible for the course you need to have at least five years of postgraduate experience as it’s an advanced programme. However, other circumstances might be considered. The fees are £47,000.

The University of Manchester

If you’re looking for a flexible part-time MBA, the University of Manchester offers a global part-time programme. You can study in Manchester, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai and Sao Paolo. It’s a great course, offering a huge level of flexibility. The price for the course is £28,665.

University of Cambridge

The Executive MBA takes place over 16 weekends and blocks of four weeks, so a degree of flexibility and commitment is required. Cambridge University is one of the top schools in the UK, so you’re guaranteed a comprehensive programme. You can enquire about the price by contacting the university.

Warwick University

You can choose the distance learning pathway for this MBA, which will take between two to four years to complete. You’ll use the universities online learning platform and the fees are £36,310. To qualify for this course you must have four years of management experience.