Best Solutions For Office Water Coolers

Best Solutions For Office Water Coolers

If you own or manage an office, then you need to have a water cooler. Not only are they an inexpensive way to encourage staff to remain hydrated, they also show you care about them. There are many other benefits water coolers have.

The Benefits Of Water Coolers

Water revitalizes people and it’s important for employees to remain hydrated during the summer. Not only does it enhance their mood, it also increases productivity. Employees will also be healthier at work and less likely to be off sick. This means you’ll benefit from your employee’s skills and not have to worry so much about losing money during illness. So with all of these benefits, if you don’t have a water cooler then it’s time to get one. Here are some of the best water solutions for your office.

Office Coolers

The company offer mains fed and bottled coolers throughout the UK. Delivery times are quick and the maximum you’ll wait is 48 hours. The fresh water is sourced from Shropshire and the company even offer a free trial. You can choose a package suitable for your staff numbers and weekly payments are reasonable.


Aquaid is offering a seven-day free trial and free rental for three months as a special introductory offer for new clients. The company delivers throughout the UK and has won awards for their service. You can choose between mains fed and bottled coolers at reasonable rental prices.

Living Water

Living Water delivers around the London area, so they are a popular choice for corporate offices. If you’re looking for cheap rental options, the prices start at just £1 per week. There’s a huge range of coolers available including bottled and mains fed models.