The Best Inflatable Pools For Hot Summer Days

The Best Inflatable Pools For Hot Summer Days

Summer’s here, the kids are off school and you’re looking for ways to entertain them. If you’re on a budget, then regular trips to the swimming pool are out of the question. Inflatable pools are cheap, fun and will keep your kids cool on those hot days. Here are some of the best.

1. Intex Easy Set Pool

This is the perfect pool for smaller kids and it’s easy to set up. There are three different sizes available, with the largest being 10 feet x 30 inches. You can fill it using a hose, but do it before you prepare to use it as it can take up to two hours. The pool continues to inflate as it fills with water, so all you need to do is inflate the top ring. There’s also a cover and a drain plug for emptying. If you’re looking for a large pool, then you can’t go wrong with the Intex Easy Set Pool.

2. Bestway Rectangle Inflatable Pool

This sturdy pool is perfect for families to enjoy the sun in. There are wide walls, made from durable vinyl which stops water spilling out when people are climbing into the pool. Also there’s a repair patch should the Bestway Rectangle Inflatable Pool become damaged. The pool comes in two sizes: 79 or 103 inches.



3. Intex Swim Centre Family Pool

Large and colourful, this pool is perfect for the family. It includes a valve located at the bottom of the pool for easy emptying and a puncture repair kit. The pool holds 749 litres of water and it has two air chambers which allow the pool to inflate quickly. Intex Swim Centre family pool is a no-frills pool that offers plenty of fun.