Toyota Supra Review

When you look forward to buying a new vehicle, you definitely want to get the best deal possible. This includes doing a lot of research on several aspects like  model, price, engine, horsepower etc.  On these and as well other aspects, I will, in this article, review the Toyota supra. This vehicle is one of Toyota’s  most famous models even with the fact that it’s not in production in the previous years and the expected comeback 2019 model is already causing waves in the industry.

Some of the expected features include a single- turbo 3.0 litre B58 B30 engine as well as a 335 horsepower. Apart from this, the supra will have the second option of a 4 cylinder 2.0 litre codenamed B 48B20 engine which makes up to 262 horsepower. Like predecessor Supras, this one will also sport rear wheel drive, this will target a 50-50 front to rear weight distribution. Expected to cost you an amount starting at $26255, it will weigh about 3284 lbs. Other dimensions will include a width of 73 inches, a height of 50.8 inches, as well as a wheelbase of 97.2 inches. The sports car will be made in Austria.