Best lobster in the UK

If you are looking for a fun way to spend maybe a weekend or Just an afternoon or evening doing some completely worthy activity, I highly recommend you get outdoors and look for a serene place to undertake your doing as you enjoy an entirely delicious lobster meal.  Living in the United Kingdom, however, does pose some bit of  a conundrum when it comes to choosing the best restaurant.

There obviously are plenty of restaurants that serve amazing lobster. These include restaurants from possibly every corner of the country like; London’s- Mayfair, Oxford Circus, Scott’s , the Ledbury, Lancashire’s Assheton Arms or Beachcomber Restaurant in Cornwall. Other restaurants include Contrast Brasserie in Iverness, Drum& Monkey  in Harrogate, The Mistley Thorn in Manningtree, Burnley Manor in Ringwood and The Pier Restaurant in Harwich among others. When it comes to the best lobster restaurant, I would strongly recommend J. Sheeky.

  1. Sheeky is known to offer the best lobsters as well as other a massive wine list, fish, oysters etc. Having been in service for over 100 years, this amazing restaurant’s location is 28-32 St Martin’s Court, London.