Thursday, June 20, 2019

Unlimited BBQ at Boisdale

A bit of a jack-of-all-trades, Boisdale describes itself as a ‘lively restaurant and music venue serving modern British food’. It also has on offer an outdoor terrace, oyster bar & grill, whisky bar and cigar library, all to be soaked in overlooking the London skyline.

Every Saturday, Boisdale treats patrons to a ‘bottomless BBQ’ with two sittings: 12noon and 2pm. Diners can fill up on a sumptuous feast including ‘smoked pork sausages, lamb koftas, jerk chicken skewers and rib-steak burgers’. For those keeping up healthy appearances, there’s also a selection of delicious salads to choose from.


At only £15 per person, this is a deal not to be missed. You can book in at any of their restaurant locations and enjoy some of the live music that goes hand in hand with these venues. You get an hour and a half to fill up on BBQ and then you need to make way for the next round of hungry patrons, but feel free to stick around and enjoy a post-lunch tipple on the terrace!

There’s something here for everyone – quality and quantity – ad what better way to spend an afternoon than stuffing your gob with god friends, great music and then rolling yourself home in a BBQ food coma!

Where: Boisdale restaurant venues

When: Every Saturday for the summer, 12 noon & 2pm