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3 Ways To Get Discount Codes With Big Savings

3 Ways To Get Discount Codes With Big Savings

Attention online shoppers! You could be wasting money. And no, we are not talking about that impulsive Amazon purchase. We are talking about the fact that you probably aren’t taking advantage of discount codes.

Every time you check out on a website, there is a little box that will accept these magical codes and help you save money on your purchase. But where exactly can you find these online codes?

1. Retail Me Not

This 100% free website makes finding coupon codes super easy. Just do a quick URL search in the top search bar and be amazed at what you find. Users can submit codes they find elsewhere, and even rate them if they work or not. This site makes it easy to find codes, but also helps save you time.

2. Reddit

There are plenty of subreddits that offer ways to find discount codes. And if someone finds one, they usually share it with everyone else! By doing a quick Google search, you can find several subreddits where you can ask for discount codes, or use the search function to find what works!

3. Facebook Pages

Not many people know about this one, but this is a great place to find a discount code for a specific store. Go to the Facebook page of the business you are planning on ordering from and check the comments.

Sometimes, you will see people ask for a coupon code and the store comment one. Or, you can comment yourself or message them and ask! This is a great option if you can’t find a coupon elsewhere.

By taking advantage of discount codes, you can keep online shopping and keep up with saving money. In fact, you can use that money you save to spend on online shopping!

Next time you are checking out, do a quick check for a discount code. You never know what you might find!