Thursday, June 20, 2019

Scoop: The Wonderful World of Ice Cream

This ice cream celebratory show is the perfect event for the lovers of this delicacy. A unique event and exhibition of the British Museum of Food, it will walk you through the history of European and British ice cream. This will be made possible by collections by Robin and Caroline Weir. Attending this event will also gift you the opportunity to, apart from gather immense knowledge of ice cream, taste a vanilla ice cream cloud, experience a sub zero ice chamber as well as walk through a luminescent cave that has  glowing in the dark ice cream.

The show will celebrate efforts that have brought about the evolution of ice cream since the 18th century, covering ornate sorbet moulds, glass penny licks and even artwork as depicted by various sources like animation houses like Disney. Other attractions in this event include performative interpretations and the history in the ‘Dark side of Ice cream’.

One show not to miss, you are guaranteed to taste unique ice cream flavours dating ages as well as come to terms with the science and physiology of the delicacy.