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Dental Implants: How Much Do They Cost?

Dental Implants How Much Do They Cost

For so many people seeking a neat, white, even smile, dental implants are the perfect solution. Long lasting and as strong and durable as your natural teeth, affordable implants can give you that coveted smile. But, how much is the implant cost per tooth? Let us explain all about dental implants, right down to the cheapest tooth implant cost.

What is a dental implant?

Before we get into detail about how much is an tooth implant, let us explain what these dental technologies are. Dental implants are used to replace a missing tooth, or teeth, in a natural manner. A tooth implant has two parts: a metal screw that is implanted (hence the name) in your jaw in the way that a natural tooth is implanted. Once this metal implant has been successfully installed and your jaw has recovered (the implantation procedure is usually performed under general anesthetic) a crown part is screwed firmly on to the metal implant. Carefully coloured and shaped, the crown is indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

What are the dangers of tooth implants?

Many people googling terms such as ‘how much cost teeth implants‘ will also be interested in the answer to this question. Briefly put, getting dental implants is a common and low risk procedure, though of course as anesthetic is required you will need to take all of the precautions recommended by your dental surgeon such as not eating for a set period prior to surgery. After surgery, as the gums heal, infection can be a risk, and your dentist will be able to advise you about how to keep your mouth healthy during the recovery period. Most people who get these implants will feel a certain amount of jaw, tooth and gum discomfort during the healing period, and this can be relieved in most cases using simple OTC painkillers.

How much do teeth implants cost?

Now we come to the key question. Dental implants are not automatically provided for free on the NHS. So, there will be a cost involved. A single tooth implant will cost several hundred pounds at least. Many people find that it will cost them around £500 whereas others will pay over £1000. If you go private, you can expect to pay quadruple figures for your all on 4 implants cost, to cover the price of surgery, implant, crown, anesthetic and any aftercare. Many patients find that they can get several implants installed in one go for a cheaper overall cost (for instance, if they need all of the teeth in their bottom jaw replaced) and this will cost in the region of £5000 on average.

Is there an alternative to tooth implant?

Yes, there are several alternatives. Dental implants are durable options that can be cleaned and treated in a way similar to natural teeth. However, you can also opt for a simple crown over a broken tooth with no removal and implantation procedure, a removable false tooth (or set of several false teeth) which is not embedded in your jaw, a tooth front or grille, a gold or silver replacement tooth that clearly looks different from your natural teeth or (if the missing tooth is in the back of your mouth) simply allow your other teeth to gradually move and partially close the gap.

Now you know all about dental implants

From what a dental implant is to what the alternatives are, and from the cost of one tooth implant to the cost of getting several teeth implanted at once (often working out cheaper per tooth when we consider the cost of a single tooth implant) you know have the knowledge that you need to start to make an informed decision about getting implants.