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Netflix & Co. – The Best Streaming Services in the UK

Netflix & Co. - The Best Streaming Services in the UK

The video streaming market in the UK is currently dominated by the big three: Netflix, NowTV and Hulu. Even though there are more streaming services out there – and more on the way such as Microsoft’s Xbox video streaming service -, these three currently have the best availability from place to place and offer the most features at the most affordable price. But which of the three is actually the overall best?

Show availability

The most important point is availability. Netflix has a number of its own originals, but Hulu offers better access to TV originals. NowTV, on the other hand, offers a few niche titles but has suffered from a lack of certain very popular programs in the past, such as Game of Thrones. In the end, the most important point is also the most subjective one. Which video streaming service is best here depends on what exclusive shows you value the most.


All worthwhile streaming services have a price tag. Netflix sits at 7.99 pounds per month for a standard membership, while NowTV is similar. Hulu, which is not officially available in the UK but which can be unblocked, is the cheapest at $7.99 USD per month.


Streaming speeds are similar, though Hulu suffers in the UK due to its abnormal availability, and NowTV is best during peak hours.


In the end, though the services are comparable, it’s easy to see why each has the market share it does. Consumers should consider what’s best for their household, or stick with what they or their friends have.