How to clean your gym gear

It may seem like something that doesn’t need a lot of explanation but keeping gym gear in tip-top condition actually requires a bit of insider knowledge. Here, we lay out the basics for ensuring your workout clothes keep their stretch, not your sweat!

  • Don’t put used gym gear into a laundry bag straight away. If you’re not putting your gym clothes straight into the wash, don’t leave them balled up at the bottom of a damp laundry bag. This only encourages bacteria to grow and will result in the sweat smell lingering.
  • Wash your clothes inside-out. Any odour-causing bacteria tends to build up on the inside of your clothing so washing clothes inside-out helps to really get in the pockets and creases where bacteria builds up.
  • Use less detergent. It might seem counter-intuitive but you’re actually better off using less detergent when washing gym gear. Detergent can build up on the fibres of your clothing and this in turn traps and encourages (again), that pesky bacteria to grow.
  • Odour-elimination: Try using an odour-eliminator as well as your regular detergent. Liquids such as white vinegar added to the was can really help to neutralize odours and kill bacteria.
  • Let clothes air dry if you can. And if you can’t, dry clothes on a low heat setting. High heat will only amplify any workout smell.