Best Reality Shows Of All Time

Reality TV shows are slowly becoming favourite among viewers in the world and the UK especially. Ranging from competitions, romance and heartbreak shows, game shows among many other genres, these shows have without a doubt taken over the televisions space in the UK. The following are a few of the best reality TV shows of all time.

The X Factor

This show was created by Simon Cowell and is produced by Syco TV. Broadcast on the ITV network since 2004, this show is a music competition that airs annually and aims to find and support new singing talents who contest against each others to find a winner.

Britain’s Got Talent

This show is also created by Simon Cowell and is broadcast on ITV network since 2007. It aims to find and showcase special talents from contestants who audition and are judged by a panel of judges. Successful auditions continue to contest until the winner is announced in the final.

The Only Way is Essex

This is arguably one of the best reality TV soap opera in the UK. It stars real people who do not follow a script. It was created by Tony Wood and Ruth Wrigley and is narrated by Denise van Outen. It premiered on ITV2 in 2010.