5 Places to rent a cottage in Cornwall for a summer holiday

This article provides useful information on places suitable for renting a cottage in Cornwall for summer holiday. Some places in Cornwall that are ideal for renting a cottage for summer holiday include:

North Cornwall

North Cornwall is one of the best places on earth for surfing. Besides being a paradise for surfers, the location has beautiful beaches with golden sand for vacationers to enjoy. Activities to do here are, rock climbing, zap-cat racing, scuba diving, and fishing.

Lizard Peninsula

The Lizard Peninsula is yet another excellent tourist hot spot in Cornwall. The location is rich with beaches and coves that your entire family can enjoy relaxing on as they sunbathe.

St Ives

The picturesque South West Cornwall summer vacation spot is rich in lush greenery and golden beaches. The climate here is warm, making it ideal for summer holidays.

St. Ives has plenty of museums and galleries, making it an ideal location for art lovers. If you’re an artist, you can capture St. Ives natural beauty using ceramics, paintings, or sculptures.

Truro and Falmouth

Truro and Falmouth are in South East Cornwall. Falmouth is a maritime town, and you’ll love it here if you like sailing. Truro, on the other hand, is rich in cultural architecture which is a mixture of Victorian and cathedral art.

Newquay and St. Austell

Newquay is Cornwall’s seaside town that is perched on cliffs and overlooks Atlantic golden beaches. The picturesque town is an ideal location for a perfect summer holiday. St. Austell is home to Eden Project which is a sight to behold.

Cornwall is a perfect holiday destination and has plenty of places for renting a cottage in Cornwall for summer holiday.