3 Places to see in Dubrovnik

This article informs holidaymakers on suitable places to see in Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic.

The Old City walls

The Old City walls are the most prominent tourist attractions in Dubrovnik. The city’s walls have been in existence since the 10th century, so this is an excellent area for those looking to see ancient architecture. The location also has two towers; The Minceta Tower and Bokar Tower. The city also has tow forts; Revelin Fort and Lovrjenac Fort.


The pedestrian thoroughfare offers picturesque views and dates back to 1468. Visitors gather here day and night for relaxation and has plenty of restaurants and cafes.

The Dubrovnik Cathedral and treasury

The Cathedral sits on the exact place that an older cathedral lay since the 6th century. Unfortunately, a horrible earthquake destroyed the original cathedral and locals built a new one in its place. The cathedral has three apses, three isles, and stunning interiors and exteriors. The cathedral also has paintings that date back to the 16th century from Dalmatians and Italian artists. The cathedrals treasure holds the cross that Jesus was crucified on according to Dubrovnik’s beliefs. Other popular relics include St. Blaise’s arms, legs and head and 138 reliquaries of gold and silver.

If you’ve been looking for places to see in Dubrovnik for your next vacation, the ideas above can be a great starting point.