Who’s going to win the World Cup?

The World Cup in Russia has begun and everyone is ready for month-long competition that makes the world move. Now is the time to be patriotic and all of us are rooting for our country! Still, who’s really going to win the World Cup?

Germany are obviously one of the favourites as they are looking to defend their crown in this World Cup, despite Mexico’s upset. But we can’t forget the big ones that are always top contenders such as Brazil, Spain, France and Portugal.

Brazil is looking pretty strong this year and has a lot to prove given their last result in 2014 World Cup against Germany. They’re hungry for an absolute victory.

Despite England being always a top contender, given how strong Brazil, Spain and Germany are this year, they’ll probably be stuck in the quarter-finals. We’ll have to see!

Nevertheless, the top favourite just might be Portugal. They won the last UEFA European Championship and the morale is high. Their preseason wasn’t that strong, but that’s when Portugal surprises everyone. They play at peak performance when they’re the underdog.