Renting a Majorca Villa for a summer break

Renting a Majorca Villa

Summer break is almost here and is there anything better than a Villa in Majorca to enjoy the beach and let off some steam?

Majorca is one of the top dream destinations for the holidays for good reason. You can experience secluded beaches, beautiful resorts and a lively nightlife, while enjoying a beautiful weather.

One thing to note when renting a villa in Majorca is that almost all of them require a minimum of 7 nights, so you can’t hop between different villas. Still, given how beautiful and accommodating they are, you won’t want to move around!

There are different villas for all types of budget. Casa Marilen in Alcudia, for example, is a beautiful and modern villa with an awesome taste in décor for just £57 a night. Or, starting from £60 a night, Pollensa has two charming villas named Can Roca and Isabel.

In the middle, we have the Villa Margarita, which is five minutes away from the marina and the resort centre in Cala D’or, starting from £151. Or Ca’n Soler I, a countryside villa in Pollensa, starting from §154.

If your budget allows, there is a unique cottage style villa in Pollensa called Picarol Petit, starting from £626 per night. Or La Casa Esplendida in Cala San Vicente, another stunning villa at £652 per night.