Benefits of Parcel Motel

A parcel motel is the perfect solution to one of the rising trends of today’s world – online shopping. If you’re wondering what a parcel motel is, basically it’s a virtual address that you can use when online shopping, instead of using your own address.

The best thing about this is the insane convenience that it offers. You can order whatever you want and pick it up at a parcel locker point or motel at your convenience. No more waiting for deliveries or even worst, missing the deliveries!

On top of that, if by any chance you changed your mind and don’t want to pick up a certain order, you can send it back without having to deal it. A parcel motel does that for you! Some retailers don’t even charge for returns.

Lastly, you can even gift to other parcel motel users. By throwing aside the messy delivery system which kind of ruins the online shopping experience, we are now one step closer to real online shopping with parcel motel.