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Business Cable Tv & Internet: Plans and Services

person using laptop with business internet

Have you visited a business recently and noticed that they have TVs installed showing cable TV?The packages are affordable, plus they encourage repeat business.

Why Should you consider Business Cable TV & Internet?

Cable TV keeps guests to offices entertained so that they don’t mind waiting times too much. It’s quite common to see TVs at restaurants, gyms and bars playing music, sports or the news. Cable TV also improves hospitality services for hotels, motels and care homes. But it not only has benefits for visitors and guests, it also keeps employees entertained and informed.

Which Brands Offer the Best Deals?

There are many providers offering Business Cable TV and internet, but these are some of the best in terms of reliability, support and value for money:


Spectrum’s business package includes high speed internet, free HD TV and unlimited phone calls. They offer free Wi-Fi for customers, free 100 GB back up, free Web Hosting, free modem and email address, 45+ channels, strong signal regardless of weather conditions and no contracts. These are some of their different pricing options:

  • 100 mbps internet at $44.99/month for 12 months + Business TV at $24.99/month for 12 months.
  • 200 mbps internet at $ 99.99/ month for 12 months plus Business TV at $24.99/month for 12 months. Internet features upload speeds of 7mbps>10mbps.
  • 300 mbps internet at $139.99/ month for 12 months plus Business TV at $24.99/month for 12 months. Internet features upload speeds of 7mbps>20mbps.


The AT&T packages include 100 mbsp download speeds, free Wi-Fi, IP addresses, wireless getaways, up to 1GB internet speeds, unlimited calling(phone) and business TV with popular channels in clear HD viewing. The following are their offers (vary with location). These are some of their different pricing options:

  • Internet from $60.00/ month plus Business TV Select plan at $19.99/month with 85+ channels.
  • Business TV Entertainment Pack at $44.99/month with 90+ channels.
  • Business TV XTRA Pack at $64.99/month with 140+ channels.

Cable One

Cable One offers many different plans as well, their internet offers start from $50/month with speeds of 25 to 500 mbps. Their Cable TV plans start at $40.50/month and depend on venue you’re planning to use it. They offer over 200 channels to choose from with HD viewing.