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Business Cable Tv & Internet: Plans and Services

Many businesses and offices are beginning to install TVs in the office, often with a cable package. There are many advantages to such an installation, but you need to be sure you’re getting the best deal.


1) Cable TV keeps guests to your office entertained. This enables them to enjoy waiting time in the lobby.
2) Entertain guests at restaurants, gyms and bars with music, sports, as well as news channels plus strong free Wi-Fi to lengthen their stay.
3) Improves hospitality services for hotels, motels, care homes and such.
4) Keeps employees entertained and informed.
5) The packages are affordable, plus they encourage repeat business.


Among the many brands offering these services, here are some of the best in terms of reliability and support, plus value for money;


Their business package (varies with location) comes with high internet speeds, free HD TV and unlimited calls (phone). The following are their internet + cable TV offers featuring free Wi-Fi for customers, free 100 GB back up, free Web Hosting, free modem and email address, 45+ channels, strong signal regardless of weather conditions-without satellite dishes and no contracts.
• 100 mbps internet at $44.99/month for 12 months + Business TV at $24.99/month for 12 months. TV in clear HD with popular channels among others
• 200mbps internet at $ 99.99/ month for 12 months plus Business TV at $24.99/month for 12 months. Internet features upload speeds of 7mbps>10mbps. TV in clear HD with popular channels like CNN, Comedy Central, NBC, ESPN, FOX, CBS etc.
• 300mbps internet at $139.99/ month for 12 months plus Business TV at $24.99/month for 12 months. Internet features upload speeds of 7mbps>20mbps. TV in clear HD with popular channels like CNN, FOX, CBS, Comedy Central, NBC, ESPN etc.


#Their offers come with features inclusive of 100mbsp download speeds, free Wi-Fi, IP addresses, wireless getaways, up to 1GB internet speeds, unlimited calling(phone) and business TV with popular channels in clear HD viewing. The following are their offers (vary with location);
• Internet from $60.00/ month plus Business TV Select plan at $19.99/month with 85+ channels.
• Business TV Entertainment Pack at $44.99/month with 90+chnnels.
• Business TV XTRA Pack at $64.99/month with 140+channels.


• Their internet offers start from $50/month with speeds of 25 to 500mbps and plans include; Suite, Office, Enterprise and Elite Plan.
• Their Cable TV plans start at $40.50/month and depend on venue- office, hotel, bar/restaurant etc. They offer over 200 channels to choose from with HD viewing.