It’s so Good to Fly in Business Class!

It’s so Good to Fly in Business Class!

There seem to be a few different types of class when flying nowadays all with their own benefits and usually bigger price tag. However, for long distance flights or for those who love to splash out, business class could be the class for you. Here are some pros and cons with flying business class.

Priority Check In

Who hasn’t had to sit in line to board a plane? Well those who fly business class won’t have. When you decide to fly business class, you are also purchasing what is known as priority boarding. This means that when you get to the airport, you are first to check in, and first to get on the plane. This means no hassle, no bumping into other rushing holiday goers and a sense of relief.

Luxury Seats

Sounds mad, a plane seat is a plane seat, right? Wrong! Normal seats are known to be quite cramped, small space, small amount of leg room and often uncomfortable. However, hop into business class and you have luxury, wide spacious seats and enough room to get comfortable and stretch your legs.

In Flight Entertainment

Depending on the flight, there will often be some form of in-flight entertainment. Lower classes may not get this option but in business, you will receive more than you expect. Different airlines are different, but from reviews, we have seen people getting complimentary headphones, some of the latest films and more.


The one main con out of all of this is price. Obviously, you get what you pay for. But is it really worth it? In some cases, yes, if you need extra space or need to be able to get comfortable on a flight. However, if you are simply travelling for holiday, you are likely to put up with a little less space in order to save money.