How to Face a Divorce in the UK

Divorce in the UK

For a couple to be granted a divorce in the UK, some factors get considered by the court. These are;

  • The couple must have been married for at least one year,
  • One or both of you must have been residents in Wales or England for the last year,
  • You both must have without doubt agreed to end your union because your marriage has irreversibly broken down. You must at least provide a fact you rely on as the reason for this from five facts as stated by law:

– Adultery (you mustn’t have lived together for six months after you discovered this otherwise it will be inadmissible).

– Mistreatment or unreasonable behaviour from your spouse.

– Desertion by the spouse for a continuous period of two years or more.

– Separation, where you’ve lived separately for two years, and your spouse agrees to the divorce, or you’ve lived separately for five years even if your spouse opposes the divorce.

Applying for divorce requires that you find a way forward for children involved. You and your ex-spouse can decide unanimously on where they live and how they will spend time with each of you. If you fail to agree in this, then you can apply for a court order to help you come to an arrangement.

You can as well decide how to split money and property between the two of you without a court hearing. All you need to do is employ the services of a solicitor to make this agreement legally binding. This is also an excellent time to decide on child maintenance if you so wish. You can even get a mediator to help you in this. Likewise, if you fail to settle this out of court, you can ask the court to help with what you’ve been unable to agree on after mediation and any other help.